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Fouts is on itunes

Hi everybody. I am very happy to tell you all that you can now purchase my newest album on itunes. I hope you will all go and buy it so I can get some money. I gotta say this album totally rocks. It’s got some of my solo stuff along with a couple of live cuts from my band “high cotton”. You know you want it so go to itunes and buy it. Click the link below to go straight to my album.

Matthew Fouts - Guitard


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When I was a little kid I always wanted to be an astronaut. What red blooded American boy didn’t? I dreamed of strapping myself in to the pilot’s chair of the space shuttle and flying that bad-boy out into the deep blackness of space to…who knows where. I’m sure women would want me if I had a sweet uniform to wear and, since this is my fantasy, I’m sure they would all want to join the “way more than a mile-high” club.

I suppose that the yearning for space exploration is not very popular these days, what with all the problems we have on Earth. Nowadays, kids probably grow up dreaming of being either a marine or a suicide bomber. Well, I’m gonna follow my heart on this one and stick with my astronaut fantasy. In fact, I think it would go a little something like this.

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You never really know what boredom is until you spend an entire summer working a job that you completely suck at while living with your mom. I work ten hours a day at an auto shop. Not only is this the most boring thing that a human being can do with his time, but also, I’m about as good at this as I would be at flying the freaking space shuttle. So needless to say, I’m having a good ol’e time looking like a stupid moron all day long. Also, when one lives with his mother, one can reasonably expect that he will not get any women to go out with him, at all, any time, ever. So I spend my spare time smoking cigars and listening to nineteenth-century novels on audiobook…wheeeeeeee!

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