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I have to admit something here: Summer is a complete waste of time for me. All winter I think to myself “wow, I can’t wait until it’s summer. Then I’m gonna do all kinds of cool shit!” Oh yeah, I’m gonna write a novel or maybe a screenplay, or wait, no. I’m gonna write like fifty freakin hit songs or something.

Then every summer, I do the same thing: I sit in front of the computer or the Playstation like the fat worthless shit-bag that I really am. I’m not busy enough, so I don’t do anything, unless you count taking ten or fifteen hours to rank up on Killzone as doing something.

So here is a little video that i found. I think it accurately represents how much work I get done over the summer break.


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I’m feeling so down today. I just found out that Ofra Haza is dead. If you don’t know who Ofra Haza is, then you should check her out on itunes (you should also hang your head in shame). Turns out she died seven years ago and I never found out about it. This is a serious bummer. I recommend you all go to itunes and download “Im nin alu” right away. Then you will see why.

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So you’re all wondering what happened to Fouts this week. Sorry I haven’t posted in like seven days. The reason is this: I started playing Second Life on the internet last weekend and since then I have been sitting in front of my macbook like a cocaine-addicted rhesus monkey.

I can’t get enough of Second Life and I have no idea why. Everything that I can do in Second Life, I can do in real life. Granted, I’m a flop with women, but there are plenty of places around my house for dancing and shopping etc. For some reason, it’s highly addictive for me to sit on my fat ass and just pretend to do these things.

Well anyway, I will start posting more often this week. Y’all sing along now.

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