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Stray Dog at Ephesus

Maybe he’s looking for water
or waiting for some guy in a toga
to come out of the library and walk
him home, give him treats stamped
with Constantine’s image. Or he thought
this would be a good place
to find a bone.

Maybe he went there to stand on a Roman
road and stare at sandy buildings and
deep blue sky, like I came here to
wander around in your dark eyes and lose
myself between the sandy columns
of your arms.



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What makes me smile to see you in the rain?
My lover’s heart is like a drop of rain.

This one heart only does my own heart seek
although there are a thousand drops of rain.

Since the hour you left I wait for your return
like the garden flowers wait upon the rain

Take pity on my broken, lonely heart
and walk beside me once more in the rain.


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